Lera Lynn, have you heard?

It isn’t mentioned as often as it should, but among the hidden treasures in the Athens music scene is a talented group of female singers. I have written in past about some of these talented women – Madeline, Tin Cup Prophet and the Campbell sisters – and now I can add to that list Lera Lynn.

Lynn, who was the lead songwriter and lead singer for Birds & Wire (which I had the pleasure to see last year at Flicker), is poised to reach a larger audience with her solo debut Have You Met Lera Lynn? A little bit country, a bit folk and a dash of pop sensibility, Lynn croons with a gentle lilt of yearning and anticipation – she’s impossible not to listen to.

There’s also the added attraction of her lyrics, terribly personal and dynamic. The first single off the album, Bobby Baby, is about the tribulations of her father who passed away three years ago.

“I recognize the role that he played in my life as an emotional being and often distrusting others. The song is about forgiveness, and letting go,” says Lynn. “We all understand now that it was just a result of the life he gave himself, and that he was just looking for love like the rest of us.”

Released on Slow Records, created by long-time Athenians C.k. Koch and Lee Henderson Have You Met Lera Lynn? should prove an important piece in the fledgling label.

Bobby, Baby – Lera Lynn